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Adopt your friends


"Adopt Your Friends" blockchain application built for Social Media Platform integration

Developed by Genesis Block Labs (DBA)

On Block LLC (Delaware)
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who are we?


Genesis Block Labs is a developer of meaningful decentralized applications (dApps). We work with partners and developers to produce innovate, fun products like the "Adopt Your Friends" dApp; the first Ethereum 2.0 blockchain based application to integrate into social media platforms via existing application programming interfaces (APIs)



We use US patent-pending system integration to assign user smart-contracts and perform transactions in parallel with social media payment settlements. We encourage you to read our whitepaper and check on our GitHub for new commits and updates.


No Securities Token Offerring?

We aren't about re-inventing blockchain economics or developing redundant software. We enjoy building decentralized applications and products that will be fun and enrich the lives of it's users. We recognize the atmosphere of nebulous blockchain projects and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) Our preference is for a scale-able & sustainable revenue models, as such many of our products do not issue security tokens.


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Product Roadmap

"Adopt Your Friends" - dApp


December 2017 - Jan 2018

Concept Development & administration

API Development starting

Pre-alpha testing begins


February - March

Market Strategy development

Working Alpha product completed

API integration development for use with Facebook's Graph API v2.12/2.5 & Webhooks  



US Patents for System & Methods of "Blockchain Integration with Social Media platforms" filed

Project-Pet-Shop (Adopt Your Friends dApp) committed to GitHub

dApp deployed to Facebook's development environment

Alpha APP ID: 2051717841784606 (stay up to date with our development!)



Web App launch with Metamask & Web3 Instance Support



Beta Release for closed-testing



Open Beta Starts


January 2019

Product launch!






Capital Requirements

Amounts are approximate and reflect launch revenue from respective launch dates to present | cryptokitties Nov 2017 - April 2018 / cryptocelebrities Jan 2018-April 2018 (Sourced from: https://opensea.io)